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Kreative Force Choreo

Intermediate Hip Hop

Kreative Force Choreo, LLC, is an innovative dance choreography company, based out of Kansas City, MO, created to provide wildly energetic game day/ competition dance routines to high school, colleges/universities, All-Stars Dance Teams, and Professional level dance teams. Kreative Force Choreo was launched in 2019 with the focus to deliver creative dance choreography while empowering, supporting, and preparing/training dancers both on and off the dance floor.

Co-Owners, Tara Jackson, Former Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader and JaShawn Walker, former University of Kansas Rock Chalk Dancer, have used their combined NFL and Division 1 professional artistic/dance experiences to cultivate a dance choreography business rooted deeply in offering services that goes far beyond just elite choreography, but offering dance/choreography in a way that help teams to build a strong team identity.

In just a few years, Kreative Force Choreo has made their mark in the dance industry playing an instrumental role in helping several teams, including All-Stars Dance Teams, win Championship titles at the Local, State, Regional level, all while helping to prepare the dance leaders of tomorrow.

Kreative Force Choreo
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