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Contest Rules:


1) Entries must be posted using your team’s official Instagram account or by one single representative of your team should your team not have an Instagram account. All posts will need to be made on a public Instagram account. Posts made using a private Instagram account will not be eligible for the DTU Team Spirit Contest. 

2) There will be 1 Winner. Any team that has won a previous DTU Team Spirit contest is not eligible to win. The winners of this contest will receive up to 12 free round trip flights to/from the 2023 DTU National Championship sponsored by Spirit Airlines. Winners must be flown to/from airports that host Spirit Airlines flights to Orlando International Airport (MCO). The winning team is responsible for transportation to and from such home airport.

3) Should the winning team need more than 12 flights to bring their program to Nationals, the team will be responsible for arranging those additional flights. We strongly suggest booking any additional flights on the same Spirit flight that is preferred for the 12 free flights to take as soon as possible. DTU will request flights as soon as the winning team can provide their preference, but Spirit Airlines cannot guarantee that the 12 free flights will be on the same flight as any other additional flights booked.

4) If the winning team is unable to attend DTU Nationals, they should notify DTU immediately and instead will receive a 2022 OR 2023 DTU Camp Kit. If the free flights are given up by the winning team before 60 days before the event, the free flights will then be awarded to the next highest ranking team that is able to attend. If you are unsure if your team will be able to make it to the 2023 DTU National Championship, we still encourage you to participate in the Spirit Contest! 


5) The winning team will have up to 30 days prior to the 2023 DTU National Championship to make changes to their flights. Flight changes cannot be guaranteed but requested from Spirit Airlines.

Congratulations to
Stevenson High School Dance Team! 

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.01.56 PM.png

Click HERE to check out their final entry!

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