At Dance Team Union, the dancers, coaches, and fans are center-stage. Take a look behind the curtain to see the team who makes everything possible!

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Laura King is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she was a member of the nationally recognized Linn-Mar Varsity Pom squad.   After completing her degree in Marketing, she went on to coach and choreograph for the Towson University’s 18x National Champion dance team.   Laura is a renowned choreographer producing over 40 national champion routines at the high school and collegiate level.  Laura is also the founder and owner of Inferno Dance, a dance competition company that goes beyond the competition floor to provide an educational and encouraging space for young artists.  After experiencing several years of success in expanding the artistry of young dancers, Laura decided to bring her perspective on creativity and artistry to the dance team industry she knows and loves.  Laura co-founded Dance Team Union to provide an opportunity for dance teams to not only be athletic but to also have the freedom to be creative.

Dave Sanchez is a graduate of Harvard Law School and is a co-founder of Dance Team Union (DTU). Dave grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has almost 30 years of experience in dance team as a music editor, coach, choreographer, judge and competition company owner. Prior to DTU, for almost 20 years, Dave provided commentary on major state and national competitions as well as other issues important to dance teams on Yahoo! under the name “dazzman1999.” He also had over 25 years of experience judging dance team competitions for several national companies as well as for state championships and regional and local events. Dave assisted several state and national competition organizations with score sheet design and has been invited to speak about judging issues and judges training at coaches’ conferences throughout the country. Dave has also presented to several coaches’ conferences with respect to legal and consumer rights issues affecting dance team coaches. At Harvard, Dave was choreographer for musical theater productions and he has also provided music and choreography for Macy’s fashion shows and a regional ballet company. He also currently works for a major international law firm in San Francisco.  

Audrey Perkins grew up in Southern Indiana where she danced on the Floyd Central High School Dazzlers Dance Team, earning 5 National Champion titles. She also danced for Planet Dance All Stars where she earned multiple national titles. After high school, Audrey danced on the Ladybirds Dance team where she added 3 national titles to her repertoire. She has also choreographed for several nationally ranked teams and earned multiple titles and honors at the high school, all star and collegiate levels. She has been with Dance Team Union from its very beginning as the Director of Events.



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Sara (Evans) Heptig is an Olathe, Kansas native and began dancing at the age of three.  She was the head coach of the Olathe North Eaglette Dance Team for fourteen years and is currently the head coach of the Kansas State University Classy Cats.  She is also the founder and director of the O.N.E. Love Movement which brings dancers together in a non- competitive environment.  Sara is the Manager of Camp and Competition Sales for Dance Team Union and is honored to have the opportunity to work with coaches and dancers across the country.

Tori is from the Chicagoland area and began dancing at the age of five.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management and a Master's degree in social work. While in school, she founded and directed a student-run dance company at Missouri State University. After graduation, she was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleading Team for two seasons.  Tori is the Event Coordinator for our regional competitions and our summer  training camps and loves creating special and memorable experiences for our DTU dancers and coaches.

Tara is from Mt. Olive, New Jersey and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Her dance training began when she was 10 years old, competing at Theater Dance Center. Tara continued her dance career at Towson University as a member of the Towson University Dance Team earning a National Champion title. During her time at TU, she dedicated a summer abroad in Australia to work with PR Agency, Cardinal Spin, to earn college credits and gain exposure to the public relations world.  After graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications and marketing, Tara started full-time at Dance Team Union as our Marketing Coordinator. She enjoys the opportunity to work alongside individuals who share her same passion of dance and is constantly inspired by the teams she encounters at DTU events.