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Contest Rules:


1) Entries must be posted using your team’s official Instagram account or by one single representative of your team should your team not have an Instagram account. All posts will need to be made on a public Instagram account. Posts made using a private Instagram account will not be eligible for the DTU Flight Contest. 

2) There will be 1 Winner. Any team that has won a previous DTU Flight Contest is not eligible to win. The winners of this contest will earn $250 per participant up to 12 participants to assist with team travel fees (maximum of $3,000). Funds earned from the Flight Contest will be added as a credit to the team’s DTU Nationals invoice in the Fall once registration opens. Winning teams are highly encouraged to use our partners Spirit Airlines.

3) If the winning team is unable to attend DTU Nationals, they should notify DTU immediately and instead will receive a 2023 OR 2024 DTU Camp Kit. If the awarded funds are given up by the winning team prior to 60 days before the event, the funds will then be awarded to the next team selected by DTU. If you are unsure if your team will be able to make it to the 2024 DTU National Championship, we still encourage you to participate in the Flight Contest! 


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