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Dance Team Union was founded to help dance teams flourish and thrive in a camp and competition setting. Our founders have years of involvement in the dance team industry as coaches, choreographers, instructors, judges, and former dancers, and we are determined to provide you with a new and improved experience that will change the way you approach the year-long development of your team.  We know how much work it takes to create a successful program, and we believe you deserve to have a company that recognizes your hard work and supports your long term growth.

What will Dance Team Union bring to the table for you? We’re glad you asked!

Our company will provide you with all sorts of resources! Here are some of the reasons you should choose DTU:

·   DTU provides teams with the resources they need to make their season a success!

·   DTU is a place where your ideas and opinions about our products will be heard and respected.

·   DTU offers new types of events to help you build your program, including camps, regional competitions, virtual competitions, and a one-of-a-kind Nationals  experience.


Wentzville Holt High School Dance Team

Marvin Ridge High School Dance Team

Palisades Park High School Dance Team

The friendliness of the staff is incredible. We truly feel welcomed and a part of the family. We love all the little things that DTU puts into their events and makes sure that every team feels welcome and encouraged. The environment at DTU is unique in that way. 

DTU truly seems to care about the dancers, the coaches, and the fans.

Overall, DTU has created a fantastic experience for dance teams and an atmosphere of true dance team choreography.

The DTU staff are still able to be so personable and accommodating to each individual team, making every coach and dancer feel like they are really seen and heard. That is really admirable and I think makes this competition stand out from the rest. 

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regional competitions

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