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Coach or Advisor Name: Michelle Montinieri
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Each year, the Stonehill College Dance Team trains to compete at the national level during spring semester. They train and perform in the styles of jazz, pom, and hip-hop.  

The dance team also performs at all home football and basketball games as well as various events on campus. The team practices 3-4 times a week during both fall and spring semester. They host a number of annual on-campus events and volunteers throughout the year at events such as Relay For Life and Special Olympics.  

Our mission is to express the art of dance in the form of a competitive sport to represent Stonehill College at the national level and to enhance the environment at on-campus events. We offer a team environment to student athletes with formal dance training. We pride ourselves of a positive, health-oriented culture that fosters friendships and builds skillets transferable to a professional working setting.


The team hosts an audition clinic every April and official tryouts are held in June at the end of each freshman orientation session on campus.There is also an alternative option to send in a video submission for students who are unable to travel and audition on-site. 

PO Box 1207 

Nolensville, TN 37135

Phone: 1-800-792-0388