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We know it can be challenging to find great choreography resources for your team. We're here to help! We want to connect you to great choreographers across the nation! 



Styles Of Dance: Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz, Kick, Sideline
Other Services: Workshops, Coaching, Cleaning


Toya and her team of seasoned and championship-decorated choreographers work directly with your team to provide innovative and challenging routines. T.R.A. also works to provide you with the most ground-breaking content and advice regarding the dance and choreography world. Whether you are a coach, choreographer, or dancer, improvement is always the main goal.  You may just be starting out in your dance journey, or you may be a seasoned professional, but either way, there is always room to grow. You want to be on the cusp of everything dance, and you want it all in one place.

Founder Toya Renee Ambrose has over 17 years of collegiate, professional, and All-Star dance team experience, and founded T.R.A. in order to create memorable and crowd-engaging routines, understand and build lasting relationships, and inspire dancers and coaches to follow their dreams.


Styles Of Dance: Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop
Other Services: Intensives, Consultations

Our focus is intently designed to educate and impact the lives of each athlete we work with. The main goal throughout our choreography career has been to give back to the younger generation. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with the dancers, coaches and programs that we work with. By helping tear down insecurities, we push these programs out of their comfort zones to maximize their potential. Choose TRIBE 99 to get a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

At TRIBE 99 we understand that each client has specific needs and we are here to help fill those requests. Choose between intensives, choreography and consultations and we will help your TRIBE be the best you can be!


Style Of Dance: Kick, Pom, Jazz
Other Services: High Kick Technique Workshops

My choreography style is fresh, innovative, and fit for the team I am choreographing for. My sense of musicality creates visually stunning pieces that are crowd-pleasing and award-winning. I choreograph to fit the strengths of the dancers that I work with while also challenging them technically and stylistically.

My strengths are in high kick technique and choreography. I bring so many innovative techniques in terms of strength and conditioning to achieve perfect high kick technique. My kick choreography is cutting edge and always on the cusp of what’s up-and-coming in the kick world!

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Styles Of Dance: Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, Kick, and Team Performance
Other Services: Cleaning, Master Classes, Workshops, Conventions, Studio Competitions

Inferno was founded in 2009 by Laura King, who is title-winning dance choreographer and coach who was a competitive dancer herself. We take pride in hand selecting our choreographers to ensure that your dancers are receiving top of the line material that reflects your dancers’ strengths. We love to establish life-long relationships with our clients and always aim to go the extra mile to help your teams throughout the year.

The choreographers at Inferno are trained to give you a full and thorough experience, making sure you are 100% satisfied with your choreography. Our goal is to keep your team challenged year after year. We take pride in our custom services, and we’ll always be here throughout the season to help you with anything and everything you need.


Styles Of Dance: Pom, Jazz, Lyrical, Gameday/Sideline
Other Services: Technique and cleaning intensives

As the founder of Competitive Edge Dance, Sarah brings 20+ years of experience working with youth, high school, collegiate, studio and all-star dance programs. The focus of Competitive Edge Dance is to provide visual, creative and impressive choreography taught in a supportive and positive environment.

Sarah will get to know your team like it's her own, work to understand each dancer's needs and drive your team to success. Give your team the Competitive Edge!




Styles of Dance: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary

Other Services: Technique, Conditioning, Cleaning

I love to create dynamic routines with a variety of movement qualities, lines, visuals, and skills. I love to put power behind my movements and details are key to creating a routine that is impactful and memorable.

I like to take on a challenge, whether it is a unique piece of music, style, or concept. I also enjoy creating with a coach or team so they feel 100% invested in the end product.


Styles Of Dance: 

Team Performance, Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kick
Other Services: 

Cleaning, Technique Workshops, Day Camps

Josh Fletcher and the JFDA Choreography team believe dance represents both artistry and athleticism. Our team members have experiences in the dance team world, but also in various commercial and concert dance communities. We believe each routine should highlight the strength of a team, while challenging each team member to new styles and techniques.

JFDA Choreography not only provides innovative and unique dance services, but helps to foster unity among various dance communities. We represent a diversity of dance experiences and will help any team achieve their greatest potential. Whether it is your first year competing or you're a seasoned team with multiple titles, we treat each team with the same respect you deserve!

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