College Recruitment

Brigham Young University Cougarettes


Coach or Advisor's Name: Jodi Maxfield

Contact Email and/or Contact Phone Number:  Phone:  801-422-3271

Program Description (Scholarships Offered, Campus Environment, Game-Day Opportunities, Etc.): 
-The Cougarettes are part of BYU Athletics.  
-Participation in Mens Football and Men’s Basketball with occasional performances at other sporting events
-Yearly Concert each Spring
-Scholarships available to all team members based on Seniority and Leadership
-Costuming and most gear provided by University
-Class Credit given per Fall and Winter Semesters
-Cougarettes rehearse daily M-F and some Saturday’s - 8–16 hours per week depending on schedule + games.
-In person ONLY Auditions held each Spring – Must apply and be accepted to BYU in order to be eligible to audition. 

PO Box 1207 

Nolensville, TN 37135

Phone: 1-800-792-0388